Trucking Drives the Economy

Employment: Even with the lowest mileage of public roads of any US state, the transportation industry still employs nearly 1 of every 10 of the state’s inhabitants.

Small Business Emphasis: Over 90 percent of trucking businesses in the United States are considered small businesses, and it’s no different in Hawaii. The large majority of trucking businesses here are also considered small businesses, operating 10 trucks or fewer.

Transportation of Essential Products: A wide variety of products are transported both to and from Hawaii. The product with the highest gross weight amount shipped every year is gravel and crushed stone, and the most valuable goods shipped in Hawaii are gas and oil products, with over $1 billion worth shipped every year across Hawaii. The Port of Honolulu is the 39th largest port in the United States, and it currently sees over 19 million tons of freight each year.

Trucking Pays the Freight
As an industry, trucking companies in Hawaii combine to bring in over $125 million in revenue every year. Currently, Hawaii has over 800 heavy use trucks registered, and almost 60 percent of all freight transported within the state is carried by truck.

Individual Companies: Hawaii has over 200 different trucking companies, with over 3,332 trucking employees.

Roadway Use: Despite the state's lack of public highway mileage, truckers here still manage to travel over 450 million miles on public highways every year.

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