Oversize/Overweight Permits

Rules and Regulations

  • Width Maximum: 9 feet
  • Height Maximum: 13 feet 6 inches
  • Length: Single vehicle- 40 feet
  • Truck tractor and semi-trailer- 58 feet
  • Truck tractor with full and semi-trailer- 65 feet
  • Truck tractor for agricultural purposes- 65 feet (semi-trailer cannot exceed 45 feet)


  • Beyond the extremity of the vehicle- 4 feet or less horizontally (An escort vehicle is required for a horizontal projection over 4 feet)
  • Beyond the front tires and above the roadway surface- 7-13 feet 6 inches vertically
  • Vehicles carrying pipes, poles, timber, or other objects that cannot be readily dismembered do not have to adhere to these limitations as long as the loads are properly marked.

Weight when the distance between the axles is:

  • Overweight Permit (in excess of 1.35 times the allowable load)- $25
  • Oversize Permit (For width in excess of 14 feet)- $25

Payments can be made in the form of cash, money order, check or electronic funds transfer.


For the owner of any vehicle or combination of vehicles found to be operating in violation of these terms and conditions will be subject to penalties. For more information on specific penalties you can visit http://hidot.hawaii.gov/highways/files/2012/12/HAR19-104.pdf, and view section 291-37.


For vehicles that are not registered under IRP or IFTA, additional permits may be necessary before entering another jurisdiction. Vehicles exceeding limitations on the size and weight are required to obtain a permit.

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Temporary Permits

Trip permits will be required on vehicles over 26,000 pounds or 3 axles in other member jurisdictions if a Hawaii based registrant does not apportion with that jurisdiction.

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